Cancer survivor is confident and beautiful on the outside—and the inside

Posted by Guest Blogger

Heidi Recoski had just completed months of breast cancer treatment and surgery when she spotted terra20’s green stripes while visiting the Pinecrest Shopping Centre.

“I had wished for a store that would make it easy to make better choices,” she says. “And there it was. I saw the sign and came in to see what it was all about.”

The experience with cancer –she was diagnosed in late-2011 in her late-30s, with no family history - had left Heidi wary of everything she used, breathed, and ate.  She was scared; nothing seemed safe anymore after a tiny pea-sized lump had grown into a golf ball sized tumour over a short period of time. The mother of three was faced with a fight for her life.

“My doctors cannot tell me definitively what caused the disease in my body but it could have been the products I used on and around my skin,” she says. “I had absolutely no idea that my make-up choices could be a factor in developing cancer. Before this happened to me, I just trusted.”

Recoski –a high school teacher – is upbeat and earnest about her quest to switch over to products with a lighter chemical load.  Initially she had simply stopped using all products, but then found some that she could trust at terra20. When she came to terra20’s Casting Call event, she was already an avid user of 100% Pure and Dr. Hauschka product lines.

“They make me feel confident and beautiful on the outside and the inside because I know they are safe,” she says.


When consulting with cosmetics specialist Josée, her priority area was finding an effective under eye concealer, but she wanted to try something out of the ordinary. Josée surprised her with a mascara by Zuzu as well as a bronzer that Heidi thought would be too dark, but was actually perfect.

Heidi has been cancer-free for more than a year now, but she carries what she has learned with her, and tells everyone who will listen about the possible connections between the products we use, and our health. “I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through,” she says.

She is thrilled with the result of her Casting Call makeover, which is a departure from her daily cosmetics routine.

“Having terra20 as a source of not only safe cosmetics but everything else I need to have a household free of harsh chemicals is a gift,” she says. “I love the store; it makes me happy.”


Book your full cosmetics consultation today by calling 1-855-terra20.  $25 fee applies; the session is free if you spend $25 on cosmetics after your consultation. See a cosmetics specialist for details.