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If you experience seasonal or occasional skin sensitivity, here are some tips that may help you cope.

1. Patch Test New Products: f you have sensitive skin, before trying any new skincare products or cosmetics, it is recommended that you do a patch test for compatibility. Apply a small amount to the side of your neck and wait 24 to 48 hours to see if there is a reaction.

2. Go Fragrance-Free: As noted above, fragrance and the phthalates found in fragrance can be culprits when it comes to irritating skin. Opt for fragrance-free cleansers, creams, deodorants and other personal care products.

3. Seek Out Gentle Formulations: Look for products that are designed to be gentle on sensitive skin, like Graydon’s Super Sensitive Skin Stuff 

4. A Kinder, Gentler Bath Time: If you have dry or sensitive skin, it’s best to limit shower or bath times to no more than 10 minutes. As well, hot water can dry out skin, so wash with warm water.

5. Don’t Rub or Scrub: nd, when you emerge from your shower or bath, be sure to blot your skin instead of a brisk rub down. As well, stay away from abrasive facial and body scrubs.

6. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! Seek out creams designed to really moisturize your skin and lips, such as those with olive oils, jojoba oils or shea butter. Keep a pocket-sized cream with you to reapply after hand washing and throughout the day. Use lip balm to soothe dry lips.

7. Watch What You Wear: If your skin is prone to irritation, opt for natural laundry detergents and test ones that are hypoallergenic to see if they make a difference. (We recommend our ecobar Unscented Liquid Laundry Detergent.) Choose clothes made from organic materials that do not contain harsh chemicals. Don’t forget to bundle up on cold winter days – protect your face with a scarf and make sure your extremities are warm.

9. Protect Yourself From the Sun: t’s important to protect skin from the sun’s harmful rays and prevent photoaging by using non-toxic sunscreens. However, some sunscreens can be harsh on skin, so if you have sensitive skin, avoid products that contain oxybenzone or retinyl palmitate. The Dermatology Association advises Canadians to opt at least SPF 30.

10. Drink More Water: Drinking plenty of water also ensures that your body, and skin, stays hydrated.  As well, “you are what you eat” may sound like a huge cliché but there’s a lot of wisdom in ensuring that you get your fair share of healthy fruits and vegetables, and healthy oils.





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