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  • Tips on How to Treat Diaper Rash Naturally

    Tips on How to Treat Diaper Rash Naturally

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    Diaper rash is a pain – for both you as a parent, and for your child. Parents have long struggled with this very common ailment, stressing over the distress their children deal with, and looking for solutions. For some parents, over-the-counter creams used for decades are the go-to solution. However, often these contain zinc-oxide which works by creating a barrier between the bottom and the irritation-causing agent, but also doesn’t let the skin breathe. As a result, many parents are turning to alternatives to treat diaper rash naturally.

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  • The Childhood Condition That Keeps Parents Up At Night

    The Childhood Condition That Keeps Parents Up At Night

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    By Dr. Michael Gibson

    Over 50% of all infants experience an ear infection before the age of 1 and 75% by age 5!

    In addition to the pain and irritation for your child, this childhood condition also means hours of lost sleep for you, the parent.

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  • Cleaning for baby’s sensitive skin: Kid-friendly laundry solutions

    Kid-friendly Laundry Solutions

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    We could all benefit from non-toxic, chemical-free laundry solutions. But few of us are as vulnerable to irritants as babies. You know, those cuddly critters with the super-soft, ultra-sensitive skin. The same ones who love to put everything, and we do mean EVERYTHING, in their mouths.

    If you have young kids at home, it’s really important to use soaps and sprays made with natural ingredients – for the places you know they’ll end up (in their clothes, against their skin), and because you never know where else babies and toddlers will put them! Here are a few products to help you clean up your laundry act:

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  • Looking for talc-free baby powder? Check out these 3 options from terra20!

    3 Talc-free Baby Powder Options from terra20

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    Parents have been using powder for years to dry their baby’s bottoms after a diaper change. It’s one of those parenting practices we expect to follow when our babies are born. That is until we find out there’s reason to skip the tradition. With the recent news about the health risks associated with talc in baby powder, it’s clear we need to find other alternatives.

    But what is the problem with talc? On the EWG Skin Deep website, talc rates a ‘3, which isn’t so bad on its own but upon further reading, you can see there talc has the possibility of contamination with asbestos fibers, a human carcinogen. Our skin is our largest organ, and when it comes to the health of our children, it’s best to follow the precautionary principle and avoid talc altogether.

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  • Bathtime Routine: Bonding with Baby

    Bathtime Routine: Bonding with Baby

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    Bathing baby is a wonderful time to bond with your little one.It's a precious moment that you hold close and look forward too during their infant years! We all know that it is great to establish a routine and adding a bath into your nighttime regimen is great to unwind and relax both you and baby. We love to use our products in the Lavender Vanilla scent during nighttime as our Lavender essential oil sets the mood for a good night's rest and also smells amazing!

    Here are some products and tips to use to have a relaxing bonding experience with baby!

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