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Making the Switch to More Natural Personal Care Products

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By Rebecca from A Little Bit of Momsense

How a Green Beaver Presentation at terra20 reminded me that I still have work to do

In June, I had the opportunity to hear the owner of Green Beaver speak at terra20. For many years now in the Ottawa area, Green Beaver has been leading the way in producing and providing personal care products that are natural, free of ingredients that could be harmful, and that are greener for every member of the family.

I’ve been familiar with Green Beaver for a number of years and have been a customer. The kids used the toothpaste when they were first learning to brush, and I’ve purchased the hand soap for use in our bathrooms (I liked the foaming pump!)

But hearing the passion behind Green Beaver’s founding and the work that Alain and Karen put into the company was inspiring. terra20 often hosts informative sessions like this (you can stay in the know on their website or by signing up for their newsletter) and I was glad I went. While I have switched almost all of my personal care products since my first child was born (for about 10 years we’ve been doing this!) it reminded me that I still had more learning to do – that there are some products that I wasn’t letting go of as easily, or that I switched back to regular pharmacy options.

We’ve made a choice to select natural products that we think are healthier for our family. It hasn’t happened overnight, and even within the natural choices, there are ‘better for us’ products that either work better or that we remain loyal to.

Thank you Green Beaver for the reminder and the important information you shared with other families. Thank you terra20 for continuing to host events like this and for helping us make sense of all the options that are out there.

When I left the seminar, I grabbed some Green Beaver toothpaste, just like I did when the kids were younger.


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