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3 Talc-free Baby Powder Options from terra20

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By Green Moms Collective

Parents have been using powder for years to dry their baby’s bottoms after a diaper change. It’s one of those parenting practices we expect to follow when our babies are born. That is until we find out there’s reason to skip the tradition. With the recent news about the health risks associated with talc in baby powder, it’s clear we need to find other alternatives.

But what is the problem with talc? On the EWG Skin Deep website, talc rates a ‘3, which isn’t so bad on its own but upon further reading, you can see there talc has the possibility of contamination with asbestos fibers, a human carcinogen. Our skin is our largest organ, and when it comes to the health of our children, it’s best to follow the precautionary principle and avoid talc altogether.

If you love to use baby powder, check out this selection of brands from terra20 that are all talc-free. Even better they also use essential oils rather than ‘fragrance which is known to contain phthalates, another ingredient linked to health issues. Here are three better options to powder your baby:


Anointment’s Baby Powder:

This powder would be perfect for any super sensitive skinned babies since it uses arrowroot powder rather than baking soda.

 Tawny Hill's Soft Talc-Free Powder

Tawna Hill’s Soft Talc-Free Powder:

The cornstarch and baking soda will help absorb moisture. This powder would be ideal for trips to hot climates, the summer time under baby’s rolls, or to keep baby’s bottoms dry over night.

Savon Du Bois's Beautiful Body Powder

Savon Du Bois’s Beautiful Baby Body Powder:

It contains bentonite clay which is known to pull toxins from the body and absorb wetness. This brand is an excellent choice for a baby who is prone to rash and redness.

Even when using talc-free powder, refrain from dashing it onto your child. Instead, gently pour it into your hands to keep the dust to a minimum and reduce the chances your little one will inhale the powder.


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