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The bedroom is supposed to be a safe haven to rest and rejuvenate from the day. From birth through five years, children require over 11 hours of sleep a day to support their mental and physical development.¹

A child’s nursery can contain up to 300 chemicals, compared to just two outside their window.² The number is alarming but there’s a lot you can do to minimize the chemicals making their way into your children’s bedrooms, potentially contributing to poor air quality.

Beyond opening bedroom windows on a daily basis, cleaning with safe and effective plant-based products is a simple way to keep toxic chemicals from building up in your child’s room.


Eco-Clean Your Child’s Room With These 5 Easy Swaps

  1.  A dirty change table area is an easy way to spread germs. Replace the changing pad frequently, especially if soiled. Rather than using a conventional disinfectant, spray the entire area with Dapple’s Naturally Clean Nursery several times a week. Even though Dapple is made with plant-based items, I recommend opening the window when spraying any cleaner in your child’s sleep space.
  2. Swap out dusting products with microfibre cloths. They are a “grippy” material which can pick up dust and dirt with or without water. Each week, wipe furniture, all surfaces, baseboards, and fans. Dust mites can be a problem in the bedroom as they thrive on dead skin cells and their excrement can trigger allergic reactions.
  3. Pee happens in a child’s room. If left too long, the ammonia settles into fibres, lingering long after the items have been washed. For an ultimate eco-friendly deep clean, swap The Laundry Tarts Strip It for chlorine bleach. It will remove built up residues from stinky cloth diapers, and urine-soaked bedding due to potty training.
  4. Whether you diaper with cloth diapers or disposable diapers, sprinkle a bit of the Laundry Tarts Scented Deodorizing Powder  into your diaper pail or wet bag to minimize any diaper odours. There are a few scent options and unlike conventional deodorizers these delish-smelling scents are made up of phthalate-free fragrances and essential oils.
  5. Dr. Bronners unscented Castile soap is a non-toxic substitute for a variety of cleaners.  Castile soap is considered a pure soap, made without the preservatives and additives of other soap types. It’s also the key ingredient in many do-it-yourself green clean recipes. My favourite ways: Mix 4 parts baking soda to 1 part castile soap for an all-purpose scrub or 4 parts warm water to 1/4 part castile soap for an all-over spray.

I prefer to order my cleaning items all at once to avoid last-minute toxic substitutions. terra20’s CleanStart program makes is easy to get your eco-cleaning products in one place. It’s a free savings program for parents with children 0-5 to make it easier to shop for you and your babe.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by terra20. As a mom to two boys, 5 and 3, I use their CleanStart program myself! All opinions are my own.

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