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AUG 3, 2021

7 items you need to pack your child an A+ litterless lunch

Don’t wait for the first bell to ring before going zero-waste!

7 items you need to pack your child an A+ litterless lunch

Funch bags make lunch fun. (Get it?! Fun + lunch = funch. That’s an equation even a kindergartner can solve.) Funch bags are lightweight, water-resistant, and best of all, recyclable. You can also go matchy-matchy with the sandwich bags, which come in the same colourful pattern. Not to mention, they help save around 100,000 marine animals every year, just by being plastic-free.

Lunch Bag Street Lights ($19.99)

Is your kid the kind that can’t have any food touching? If so, this is the container for them. With this leakproof dipper set, you can fit a full-sized sandwich and wet foods like hummus or yogurt that won’t leak out into any other compartment. Plus, the neon colour will really work to brighten your child’s day.

Bynto with Dipper Set Neon Yellow Green ($24.99)

U Konserve Stainless Steel Snack Trio Containers will save your kid from a boring lunchtime. These fun and colourful dipper containers are perfect for storing fruits and vegetables, and other healthy snacks. They’re non-toxic and non-leaching, so they’re the perfect, eco-friendly alternative to plastic Tupperware containers.

Stainless Steel Snack Trio Containers Sky (33.99)

As we mentioned earlier, we’re over anything single use. Plastic cutlery is notorious for being used one time, and one time only, so save yourself some money (and the environment) by switching to a more sustainable solution. Be the cool parent by sending your child to school with these awesome bamboo utensils that can be used over and over again.

Kids Bamboo Utensil Set Pink ($14.99)

Your kid absolutely needs to stay hydrated throughout the school day—and not by way of a plastic water bottle. To motivate them to chug as much as possible, try sending them a fun and fashionable, easy-to-open, leak-proof water bottle. This one is a best seller for being double-isolated and keeping your child’s drink cold or hot for hours.

Urban Stainless Steel Water Bottle Turquoise ($26)

These yummy bite-sized shortbread cookies are made with whole ingredients and no added preservatives. Like your kid, they might be small in stature but big in sweetness. Put a few in a reusable container for your child to devour at the first possible chance.

Shorts Salted Butterscotch 140g ($4.99)

To reward your little one for a hard day’s work of learning, surprise them with a SmartSweets treat. Don’t be fooled, these aren’t anything like the Swedish Fish we grew up with. SmartSweets have only 3g of sugar in the entire bag, with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. (We’re not judging if you get to them first and they don’t even make it into your kid’s lunch.)

Sweet Fish ($3.99)


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