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JULY 27, 2021

6 must haves to ensure your kids are ready for camp

When the government announced that camp was on for the summer, you may have done a little dance or even cried tears of joy. While your little ones are having fun in the sun with their friends, you can finally have a well-deserved break, and enjoy some time for yourself.

6 must haves to ensure your kids are ready for camp

1. Eco Chic Backpack

First thing’s first: Your kid will need a backpack. All the goodies need to go somewhere, right? The Eco Chic backpack is perfect for camp and is spacious enough to fit everything your child needs. Made of 100% recycled materials, there’s a colour and pattern that will suit whatever your kid is into, whether it’s marine creatures, colourful cats, sleepy sheep, busy bees, and big busses. And when camp is all done for the summer, you can fold the backpack up into a compact pouch for easy storage. Or, just keep using it for school.

Eco Chic - Backpack

2. Attitude Sunscreen Sticks

The first (and maybe most important item) you’ll need to pack in your child’s backpack is sunscreen. And not just any sunscreen — the Attitude Sunscreen Stick SPF 30. The mineral sunscreen provides the safest possible sun care for your kid. Plus, it’s non-whitening and fragrance-free (in case that’s a camp rule). The stick configuration also makes it super easy for your kid to glide it onto his/her face without getting any icky sticky sunscreen on their little hands.

Attitude - Sunscreen Stick SPF30 Unscented

3. Live Clean After Sun Aloe Vera Gel

If your kid forgets to put on sunscreen — which let’s face it — is a likely story, this After Sun Aloe Vera Gel will come to the rescue. The gel, made with other ingredients like Australian tea tree oil, certified organic arnica extract and cooling witch hazel, will soothe skin overexposed to the sun, while also moisturizing, calming, and nourishing dry itchy skin. It can also relieve any other outdoor-related inconveniences, like bug bites or other rashy irritations.

Live Clean - After Sun Aloe Vera Gel

4. Stasher Reusable Silicone Storage Bag Lime

The Stasher Reusable Silicone Storage Bag will hold literally anything from snacks to beads, to hand sanitizer, to any other trinket your kid might pick up on the campgrounds. The non-toxic, reusable bag has a pinch lock seal, plus, it’s dishwasher and microwave safe. (Because Ziplocs are a disposable thing of the past). Pro tip: You can even label it by writing your kid’s name on it with a Sharpie.  

Stasher - Resuable Silicone Storage Bag Lime

5. Deebees Organic Freezies

Being the amazing parent you are, you want to pack your child the perfect healthy afternoon snack to enjoy after spending a long, hot day in the sun. Nothing quenches your summer thirst (or reminds us of camp) quite like a freezie does. Deebee’s Organics’ SuperFruit Freezies ($8) are the first organic juice bars with no added sugars, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and each bag comes with three delicious flavours: Tropical, Strawberry and Grape. The freezies are free from the top eight allergens, making them camp AND school safe. Pack it in a cooler lunch box and/or send a note asking the counsellors to put them in the freezer for snacktime.

Deebess Organics - Organic Freezies

6. Piggy Paint Nail Polish Gift Set Kids Neon Fun

Painting your nails is a classic rainy day activity at camp. This Piggy Paint Neon Box Set of four mini neon colours can provide hours of fun for your kid and their friends by giving each other makeshift mani pedis. Then, they can have a glow-in-the-dark party because (surprise!) these nail polishes glow in backlight. Piggy Paint polish has tons of benefits. Besides coming in cute, kid-friendly colours, the nail polish is also cruelty-free, vegan, and made with no harsh chemicals. (So, parent-approved.)

Piggy Paint - Neon Gift Set


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