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3 ways to improve your waste-free game with AppleCheeks!

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By AppleCheeks

Have you ever considered using cloth diapers on your child? Many people are attracted to the environmental and budget-friendly aspects, but are unsure of how and where to start or get grossed out by the thought of washing a poopy diaper. The good news is that even without full time cloth diapering, you can become a cloth convert and introduce more reusable products in your everyday life. Win!

First up: Cloth Swim Diapers

Spring is here and it’s time to plan fun in the water! Reusable, washable swim diapers make sense and cents – with as few as two diapers in the rotation, you can always have a clean one ready for your little swimmer. Warning: they are so incredibly adorable, soft and comfy, you may find yourself wanting more than just two, to match all those adorable kid swimwear options! They take up minimal storage space – at home or in a travel bag - when compared to throwaway swim diapers. Depending on your child’s size, they may be able to reuse the same swim diapers the following summer. They require no special laundering (other than avoid hook and loop in the same load). On vacation? If not soiled, just rinse them out in the hotel sink and air dry.

Swim diaper, AppleCheeks

Next up: Cloth Wipes

AppleCheeks cloth wipes are perfect for diaper changes, but have plenty of other uses. Paired with a bottle of Gentle Cleansing Spray, you’ve got the perfect on-the-go hands and face cleaner. Cloth wipes are ideal for dining out with a messy eater – stop using a dozen paper napkins after the meal! You don’t have to worry about any ingredients or reaction from your little one as with throwaway moist wipes. They make a great dry, absorbent cloth for wiping down a damp seating surface. Pro tip: a 6 pack of wipes plus bottle of Gentle Cleansing Spray were designed to fit in a MiniZip for your diaper bag or purse. You’ll be amazed at the uses you discover!

Organic cotton wipes

Finally: MiniZips

All of AppleCheeks Storage Sacs are made of food-safe PUL! Our newest size – the MiniMini – is ideal for snacks, small accessories, pack of tissues or a hankie, gum and mints, receipts or coupons, hair accessories, spare change – you name it! If it fits, it zips. Stop losing tiny items in the bottom of a bag – organize all the contents in MiniMinis and MiniZips so you always grab just what you’re looking for. We must tell you that your kids and spouse or partner may try to steal these handy little sacs…so buy extras.

 You Rock! MiniZip

And of course, modern cloth diapers are so easy and fun to use! With AppleCheeks One Size fit most covers, liners to flush the poop away and beautiful absorbent inserts, cloth diapering never looked so good or been this easy!

These are just a few ways of incorporating reusable, washable products easily into your routine. You may find it’s not as intimidating as you think – and it’s so convenient in many ways. Try it out and let us know what you think! We love to hear about people making the switch to reusable products, in big ways and small ways, as every little bit counts.


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