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By Andrea Tomkins

The gift of warm feet is quite possibly the best present you can give someone. I was the lucky recipient of a pair of Glerups this year. These slippers were actually an early Christmas present – my mom bought them for me on November 14 and – no word of a lie – I’ve been wearing them every day since then. I’d been eyeballing these for years, and now that I’ve made the leap I don’t think I’ll be able to wear any other brand.

First, I love the classic look. You might even call this a minimalist slipper. No buttons, no ribbons, no pompoms. No silly stuff! This is serious business. The uppers are 100% natural felted wool, warm yet highly breathable, sturdy, and lightweight. The inner sole is a thick layer of felted wool. It’s not sneaker-like, with a raised bouncy insole that absorbs each step, but still very comfortable. The bottom sole is made from smooth calfskin. I was a little worried that they’d be slippery on our tile and hardwood floors, but it’s been fine. (And I’d be the first person to wipe out, I’m sure. In fact, I’d venture to say socks are slipperier than my Glerups!)

Second, Glerups have a cool origin story. (Have you ever known slippers to have an origin story?) Nanny Glerup, a Danish mother, first made them in 1993 using wool from her own sheep. She gave them to family and friends. They liked them so much that the hobby grew into a small business. Imagine! Nanny started her company by sewing two pairs a day and today it has international reach.

Nanny was obviously on to something. After all, wool has some pretty amazing properties. Clothing made out of wool has great temperature-regulating properties; it keeps you warm in the winter and lets your skin breathe in the summer.  

The other thing I really like about Glerups (other than how comfortable they are, of course) is the sustainability factor. Wool is a very sustainable product. Sheep grow wool, the wool is harvested, sheep grow more wool, repeat. Also good to know: the farmers who supply Glerups with wool must meet their standards for quality and humane animal welfare.

Glerups come in three varieties. Which one you like best is a matter of personal preference.  I have the “shoe” type, which means it has heel coverage the slippers don’t, but there’s also a boot, which is raised a bit more than the shoe.

I’m thinking these would make a really nice gift for the whole family. How about matching Glerups for mom and dad for Christmas? If there are kids on the scene, there’s Glerups for them as well! (Isn’t this red pair of Glerups adorable?)

Some observations:

-     Glerups are comfortable to wear with with bare feet or with socks. Did you know that wearing shoes and slippers made from natural materials like wool and leather cuts down on foot odor. No more smelly slippers, as can happen with slippers and house shoes made out of synthetic materials.  

-      Mine were comfortably snug at first but once I started wearing them they loosened a bit to give me some extra wiggle room. I feel like they’ve molded nicely to my feet.

-      The Glerups shed a few small tufts wool during the first couple of weeks, but this is nothing to be alarmed about. It was merely the friction of my feet on newly felted wool and will pass with additional wear.  

-      I’ve had issues with my feet before, including a long recovery from Plantar Fasciitis, which has left me sensitive to being on my feet for a long time. This means that uncomfortable footwear seems to be extra uncomfortable, if that makes any sense. But my new Glerups are super comfy and my toes are happy and warm. And if that’s not a gift that keeps giving, I don’t know what is!

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