terra20 staff reveal their fave “made in Canada” products
terra20 staff reveal their fave “made in Canada” products

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We like to support local businesses whenever we can, but the concept gains more importance around Canada Day, doesn’t it? It’s the ideal time to do more than just wear our pride on our sleeve, that’s why we thought it would be fun to celebrate Canada Day with a “Made in Canada” sale (all products are marked as Canadian made will be 20% off from June 25 to July 2) and with a round up some fave products of terra20 staffers. And yes, each one is made in Canada!  

“Saaboon’s Nude Lip Balm is one of my absolute favourite beauty essentials,” writes Corey, a visual merchandising assistant. “I love the creamy texture, the pure, vegan ingredients, and that it’s made locally here in Ottawa! It’s a lifesaver all year round; I keep one in every purse, jacket pocket and every room in my house so I’m never without.”

The made in Ottawa aspect is definitely a bonus!

We appreciate how many exclamation marks Bojana, terra20 Inventory Manager, used to describe her favourite Canadian made product at terra20:

FATSO!!!!” she writes, which is an all-natural peanut spread that has been “hybridized” with superfats. “First off, it tastes amazing! You can put it in/on pretty much anything: toast, in wraps, smoothies, blended with coffee to make bulletproof coffee, oats… the list is endless.”

Nick, terra20 Web Coordinator, says his favourite Canadian-made product is Nova Scotia Fisherman Sea Kelp Rescue Balm for a few very good reasons.

“My knuckles get really red and chapped (especially in the winter) and a little bit of this salve provides immediate relief,” he writes. “It smells really natural, if that makes sense (no perfumes) and it lasts a real long time since you don't need to use much.” As a bonus, it’s made in Nova Scotia by a company that gives back to the Nature Conservancy of Canada to protect Nova Scotia's natural treasures. Pretty cool, eh?


Connie, a terra20 associate at the Pinecrest location, seems to have had a bit of trouble narrowing it down to one favourite item. (It’s ok Connie, really.)

“Anything from Skin Essence,” is her pick. “They are fairly priced, very clean ingredients and they all work very well! The Fresh Facial Cleanser is the absolute best for my skin (slightly oily), removes makeup and a little goes a long way.”


Erin, terra20 Marketing Coordinator, says one of her favourite Canadian-made products (made in Calgary, actually!) is Routine Deodorant. “It is the smoothest, creamiest deodorant I have ever tried,” she writes. “It applies like a dream, smells awesome all day long, and most importantly, IT WORKS! I will admit the price tag may seem like more than what you would normally spend on deodorant, but honestly, my jar lasts for about five months. No aluminum, parabens or triclosan for my armpits.” Her favourite scents are A Girl Named Sue and Like A Boss.


Kas, the manager at the Wellington store location, has lots of great stuff to say about Abeego Food Wrap. “It’s an amazing product. I have been using it for a few weeks now and will never go back to using plastic wrap again,” he writes. “Not only is Abeego reusable, but it is also compostable, making it a zero waste product. The tree resin and beeswax creates a perfect surface for creating a nice seal. It also comes in a variety of sizes depending on what you need. Personally, I use the medium-sized ones since I use mine to cover vegetables that I have not quite finished.”


We thought this might be a tough question for him to answer, but terra20 co-founder and president, Bill Stewart, didn’t find it hard to choose a favourite Canadian made product: “What’s my favourite made in Canada product? Well that’s easy, it’s our ecobar,” writes Bill. “One condition we had when creating the ecobar was all the products MUST work. From the laundry detergent to the all-purpose cleaner, they all provide you and your family with toxic free cleaning at an affordable price. I love that I don’t have to think about it, I know the products are going to work. When I wash the dishes I know the dish soap is going to clean my dishes. The best part? All of our ecobar products can be refilled in-store. I use all the ecobar cleaning products in my home and I would highly recommend to anyone.”


Terry, a senior buyer at terra20, offers up a favourite solution for tired Canadians from coast-to-coast: “I enjoy soaking in Barefoot Venus Essential Oil Therapeutic Mustard Bath Soak,” she writes. “This made in Canada product is fabulous for relaxing in the bath and is great for reducing swelling, increasing circulation, and helps draw impurities from the skin. Eucalyptus adds antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties as well as naturally acting as a decongestant. Rosemary stimulates your circulation with its warming and strengthening properties. Chamomile Flowers act as a soothing but mild sedative. It is great to buy the refill and replenish my tin which I started with originally.”


Michelle in marketing went the foodie route for her made-in-Canada pick.  Her favourite product is Blume’s superfood latte mixes. “It’s hard to not fall in love at first sip,” she writes. (Frankly, it’s hard not to drool while reading her glowing review.)

“Turn up the heat with their Chili Turmeric latte, a DIY mix that combines anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich turmeric with metabolism-boosting cayenne pepper for a deliciously spicy latte experience. Caffeine-free, gluten-free and organic, all you have to do is add your own warmed milk and a dash of honey to reap all the benefits of these superstar superfoods. Not a fan of hot bevies? Blume’s mixes also taste amazing on ice for those long summer nights on the back deck. Made in Vancouver by two business-savvy boss babes with a keen eye for branding and design, it’s not hard to fall for the simplicity their brand represents.”

Thank you Michelle for your amazing recommendation, and thank you all the staffers at terra20 who took the time to share their favourite Canadian made products in time for Canada Day. If you want to try some of these items out for yourself, pick them up during the “Made in Canada sale” at terra20 from June 25 to July 2, 2018.


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