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  • Making the Switch - Laurie's Path to Health and Recovery

    Making the Switch - Laurie's Path to Health and Recovery

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    Several years ago, Laurie Pinard was working around the clock, employed in the highest level of politics.  Her days started early and ran late. When she was hungry, she headed to the McDonald’s drive through window. When the weekend arrived, she spent most of it lying in bed, sapped of energy.

    She had known since her 20s that something was off inside of her.  She pushed it aside, over and over, continuing to push forward and rise in her career. She was living the dream. She had a high-powered career, a fancy car, designer clothes and handbags, and nothing was going to stop her.

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  • Four Ways To Lengthen Your Youth

    Four Ways To Lengthen Your Youth

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    We take our youth for granted until we see it slipping away. Then we fight like crazy to get it back. Stress can definitely make a mark on our youth, but here are four easy and enjoyable ways to minimize stress and help stop the clock.

    Do something today you'll thank yourself for tomorrow. Worry and stress are never helpful. In fact, an article by the Huffington Post cites a study that says job stress can lead to cell damage and early aging. And chronic stress has been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease. Breathe. Focus on the task at hand. Give it your deliberate attention and then let it go.

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