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  • My life with migraines and natural remedies that help

    My life with migraines and natural remedies that help

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    Migraines, many people suffer; lots of people refer to them as a “headache”. We migraine warriors are generally bothered when we hear the word ‘migraine’ replaced with ‘headache’. I have suffered from chronic migraines for years now, most of my teenage and adult life.  They started as a teenager for no pin pointed reason. Many people develop chronic migraines from a traumatic accident, or a brain growth. Those of us that have chronic migraines with no particular reason are almost in a worse position. With no evident reason as to why I suffer, it is harder to treat. 

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  • The Truth About Headaches

    The Truth About Headaches

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    Recently a new client came in to see me – let’s call her Karri. Like a lot of people who come see us for help, Karri was suffering from chronic headaches… Or what she called “the unrelenting monster in her head.”

    When I asked Karri to describe her headache, this is how she put it:

    “Have you ever seen those old-timey pictures of men working on the railroad? You know those big hammers they use to drive those long spikes into the track? My head feels like the track.”

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