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  • This is truly the gift that keeps giving

    This is truly the gift that keeps giving

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    First, I love the classic look. You might even call this a minimalist slipper. No buttons, no ribbons, no pompoms. No silly stuff! This is serious business. The uppers are 100% natural felted wool, warm yet highly breathable, sturdy, and lightweight. The inner sole is a thick layer of felted wool. It’s not sneaker-like, with a raised bouncy insole that absorbs each step, but still very comfortable. The bottom sole is made from smooth calfskin. I was a little worried that they’d be slippery on our tile and hardwood floors, but it’s been fine. (And I’d be the first person to wipe out, I’m sure. In fact, I’d venture to say socks are slipperier than my Glerups!)

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