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  • The Truth About Headaches

    The Truth About Headaches

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    Recently a new client came in to see me – let’s call her Karri. Like a lot of people who come see us for help, Karri was suffering from chronic headaches… Or what she called “the unrelenting monster in her head.”

    When I asked Karri to describe her headache, this is how she put it:

    “Have you ever seen those old-timey pictures of men working on the railroad? You know those big hammers they use to drive those long spikes into the track? My head feels like the track.”

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  • 9 Things Only Really Healthy People Know

    9 Things Only Really Healthy People Know

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    Success leaves clues. Find out what only really healthy people know and make sure you’re working towards doing the same.

    While feeling good is often a nice side benefit of being healthy, feeling good does not mean you ARE healthy. Health is a state of optimal function, a state in which all of the body’s needs being met consistently over time. Sometimes you’ll feel great, other times, it’s not the case. Stay focused on taking the correct actions instead of only actions directed at feeling better.

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  • Making the Switch - Laurie's Path to Health and Recovery

    Making the Switch - Laurie's Path to Health and Recovery

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    Several years ago, Laurie Pinard was working around the clock, employed in the highest level of politics.  Her days started early and ran late. When she was hungry, she headed to the McDonald’s drive through window. When the weekend arrived, she spent most of it lying in bed, sapped of energy.

    She had known since her 20s that something was off inside of her.  She pushed it aside, over and over, continuing to push forward and rise in her career. She was living the dream. She had a high-powered career, a fancy car, designer clothes and handbags, and nothing was going to stop her.

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