Organic, fair trade, and vegan chocolate for Easter? Yes please! Avail – terra20
Organic, fair trade, and vegan chocolate for Easter? Yes please! Available at terra20 in Ottawa and beyond!

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By Andrea Tomkins

For many shoppers, terra20 is the first place they turn for beauty products that are free of harmful chemicals, and affordable non-toxic cleaning products that will help everyone breathe easy, but did you know terra20 is a great source for Easter chocolate as well?

We have it on good authority that when the Easter Bunny is working overtime, terra20 is THE source for organic, fair trade, and vegan chocolate.

Saxon Chocolate
(Locally made - Toronto)

Chocolate Ottawa

If the hunt is on for great Easter chocolate, start with this cute Saxon Milk Chocolate Bunny Pop. Made with real Belgian chocolate and tied with a yellow ribbon, it’ll make a bright and delicious addition to any Easter celebration. Another favourite from Saxon: the solid milk chocolate Bye Bye Bunny.


Village Treats
(Locally made - Lanark)

Local chocolate

Many terra20 customers love to shop close to home and we’re proud to carry Village Treats from Lanark, Ontario. All of their chocolates are made from scratch over an open flame in their kitchen. Their dark chocolate coconut cream eggs, as well as their classic bunnies (white, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate) are a sweet addition to any Easter basket.

Giddy Yoyo
(Vegan, fair trade, organic)

Chocolate vegan

Vegans rejoice! There is vegan chocolate available at terra20! The main draw of vegan chocolate, of course, is that it’s made without any animal or dairy products, which makes it the ideal edible gift for the vegans in your life: young or old. We think Giddy Yoyo has raised the bar, on, er, vegan bars: Always fair trade, organic, nutrient dense, and made in Canada too! Check out all the varieties available at terra20. Why not slip some vegan chocolate into the Easter basket this year?

Endangered Species Chocolates
(Vegan options, fair trade)

vegan chocolate with raspberries

Endangered Species Chocolates has vegan and non-vegan options. We’re big fans because they donate 10% of their net profits to conservation programs around the world, to non-profit partners that protect wildlife. We think that’s pretty cool, but their products taste great too! Anyone with sophisticated chocolate tastes will definitely love their Dark Chocolate bar with Raspberries. It’s certified fair trade, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan too.

A word about fair-trade chocolate if you’re not sure what it designates. If chocolate has a “fair-trade” certification, it means that cocoa farmers and manufacturers in its country of origin are paid a fair wage for their work. Fair wages translate to a better standard of living for families, which in turn means that chocolate producers can also avoid cost-cutting practices that are bad for the environment. For example, fair trade chocolate is typically organic and shade-grown; grown under the canopy of the rainforest rather than in a field that’s been clear cut. (Protip: Although we don’t necessarily recommend parents lecture the kids just as they’re about to unwrap their Easter stash, it’s still a great lesson to share and talk about. Where does the chocolate come from? Why should we care about how and where it’s made?)  

Heavenly Organics 
(Organic, fair trade)

Fair trade organic honey chocolate

But back to the topic at hand: CHOCOLATE. If you love good quality sweets, we predict you will swoon over Heavenly Organics brand treats. We are smitten with their Mint Chocolate Honey Patties. They only contain only three ingredients: 100% dark chocolate, organic white honey, and peppermint oil. With no added sugar and clocking in at only 50 calories per patty, these are the kind of treats you can feel pretty good about. They are also available in Almond Chocolate Honey, Double Dark Chocolate Honey, and Peanut Chocolate Honey.

terra20 is based in Ottawa and ships across Canada as well. Maybe YOU can be someone’s Easter Bunny this year? You’re never too old for great chocolate (or an Easter basket, for that matter)! There are many other egg-cellent Easter toys, books, Easter egg dye kits, and treats in stock as well. If you’re looking for some great ideas, hop over and check out our Easter collection right here.


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    Is there a terra20 in Kelowna BC?
    If not, can I order online and have items shipped?

  • Posted On March 20, 2018 by Claire Mattar

    I wrote an email this morning and I applied for the 10.$ coupon.
    I did not receive anything yet.


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