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We take our youth for granted until we see it slipping away. Then we fight like crazy to get it back. Stress can definitely make a mark on our youth, but here are four easy and enjoyable ways to minimize stress and help stop the clock.


Stay in the present moment.

Do something today you'll thank yourself for tomorrow. Worry and stress are never helpful. In fact, an article by the Huffington Post cites a study that says job stress can lead to cell damage and early aging. And chronic stress has been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease. Breathe. Focus on the task at hand. Give it your deliberate attention and then let it go.


Practice the 30-second hug.

No matter how busy you are, you can find 30 extra seconds. Find a friend, your significant other or your child (they get stressed, too!) and hug them for a full 30 seconds. It releases oxytocin, a bonding hormone that, according to Psychology Today, is related to an increased feeling of trust and compassion, as well as a reduction of fear and depression. It can even reduce your blood pressure and relieve stress!


Eat real food.

By real, we mean, unprocessed, organic food—food your great-grandmother would easily recognize. Take author Michael Pollan’s advice and avoid the center aisles of the grocery stores. Choose organic foods whenever you can and always avoid the “Dirty Dozen!” These are the top 12 foods that, according to sources like the Environmental Working Group, contain the highest amounts of residual pesticides and pose the biggest threat to your health if they aren't organic.


Take a walk in nature.

Aside from the obvious benefits of getting a little low-impact exercise, the health benefits of getting close to nature have even been given a name—ecotherapy. It’s said to relieve stress and depression. A 2010 study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology showed that spending even just 20 minutes outside per day could boost energy levels and improve resistance to physical illness.


Do them all!

This weekend, why not pack a picnic lunch full of organic goodness, gather up a loved one and head outside for a hike and a hug? Just don’t forget to use an organic sunscreen like Goddess Garden’s to prevent skin damage and further protect your youthful look!


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