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Five tips for greening Black Friday

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As Black Friday approaches, those of us at terra20 are encouraging people to find ways to colour Black Friday, green.

“Many retailers are gearing up to offer Black Friday deals,” says Bill Stewart, terra20 president. “But we thought, wouldn’t there be value to exploring the ways that Black Friday could become a little more green?”


Here are terra20’s top five tips for making Black Friday a greener day.


1. Buy Canadian-made

Buying a gift presents the perfect opportunity to be discerning about where a product was made.  While manufacturing has largely shifted overseas in recent years, there are still many gems to be found, and great Canadian companies to support.  terra20 has a “Made in Canada” icon that helps people to identify Canadian-made goods.


2. Shop locally

This could mean shopping at locally owned retail stores, or buying products made by local vendors or artisans.  This way you’re supporting your community, and the item has a deeper meaning.  It also has a smaller shipping carbon footprint.


3. Choose sustainably made products

Consider the materials of the products that you’re purchasing.  Are they recycled? Recyclable?  Is the product durable?  Cate & Levi hand puppets, for example, are made from upcycled sweaters, and the House of Marley audio line features organic and recycled materials.  Miik’s line of clothing uses a closed-loop manufacturing process, which has a much smaller impact on the planet than traditional garments.

4. Consider the chemicals

While a gift basket of pampering products is always gratefully received (by your recipient or your own aching body!), avoid buying a concoction of potentially harmful chemicals.  Choose products that have a green certification, are artisanal, or are sold by retailers with qualifiable criteria for the products they sell. Also be on alert for green washing or questionable claims.

5. Give to charity

Is someone on your shopping list passionate about a cause?  Consider donating to a worthy charity in their name on Black Friday, or for the best of both worlds, seek out a product company that donates a portion of proceeds to charity, and purchase a gift that keeps giving.


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