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By Rebecca Stanisic

Every month, people who have their periods need to buy products for their menstrual cycle. But if we think about how many of these products are thrown out, how much they cost, and how harmful some of the ingredients are, it gives us reason to pause, and rethink, our choices. There’s also the environmental impact to consider – this article points out that someone who menstruates may create over 62,000 pounds of garbage during their period lifetime.

That’s why I’m happy to share with you some of the eco-friendly options at terra20. Pads, tampons and reusable cups are more environmentally sound alternatives than ones you may be currently using.


Eco-friendly, toxic free products

One step forward in having a greener period is to swap out your regular pharmacy tampons and pads for disposable ones that are unbleached, organic cotton liners and tampons.  These products will look and feel like the ones you are likely already using (and the tampons are available with or without applicators) but you’ll feel better knowing they are toxic-free. terra20 has a selection of disposable tampons for various flows, plus options for liners like a thinner pantyliner or a winged pad for nighttime use.


Reusable cups and pads

Ready to reduce the waste associated with our monthly periods and reduce the potentially harmful ingredients being used in your tampons and pads? It may be time to go green with reusable products. These will take some getting used to for many people, but once you have tried them out, you may never want to go back.

Have you heard about the Diva Cup?

The Diva Cup will replace your tampons and be an effective way to collect, rather than absorb, menstrual flow. Every person with a period is different, but the Diva Cup can offer up to 12 hours of leak protection during your period. This makes it so much more convenient to get through a busy day, travel, or special event. If you search online you can find many reviews in support of switching to a cup (and many that don’t feel it was for them) but start by asking others in your life for their honest opinions; you’ll get the real dish on the cup from them. Plus, you’ll save $100-$150 a year vs using disposables, making this a smart option or your wallet and the earth.

Reusable Pads

For overnight, lounging around the house, or lighter flow days (or any other time during your cycle should you choose) you may want to try finding the right reusable pad for you. The reusable pads offer snaps to help keep them in place (although you may still find they have quite a bit of movement – this is why you want to try out different ones!) and have different sizes available.

They aren’t all made the same, and depending on your preferences, it may take some tries to find a favourite. Luckily, Lotus Liners offers a starter kit with various sizes to try out. The whimsical colours are fun (Lotus Liners aren’t afraid to stand out!) and the softness of the pad, plus the wings, make it a comfortable choice. 

If you want to try a different brand, the Fabulous Flo pads (by Bummis) reusable liners and pads comes in different lengths and offer leak proof protection with a soft cotton material. Reusable pads and panty liners are easy to clean – rinse them after use and wash them in your washing machine!


It can feel overwhelming to switch up your monthly routine when it comes to your menstrual flow products, but for many wanting to make a green change in their life, they love the alternatives (myself included). If you are ready to make a switch with your menstrual products, terra20 offers a selection in store and online to help get you started.


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