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By Andrea Tomkins

Are you the kind of person who makes New Year’s resolutions? Typical resolutions tend to revolve around fitness and weight loss, which is why we always see an influx of ads for gym memberships and grocery delivery services this time of year. I’m going to suggest something totally different for your New Year’s resolution this year, and it’s super easy. What if you promised to make one tiny change that is good for you AND the environment? How tiny? Very tiny! We’re talking baby steps here, of course, because if a change is easy, well, we’re more likely to stick with the program, aren’t we? Here are a few ideas for your consideration.


I don’t use a lot of cosmetics but the ones I do use, I love, and I’ve been gradually changing everything over to items I find at terra20. Case in point: I’ve wanted to swap my mascara for one that isn’t tested on animals and is free of harmful chemicals. Mascara is the one beauty product I wear every day and I really wanted to upgrade! Enter Burt’s Bees. I chatted with one of their reps at a recent terra20 beauty event and was happy with what I heard so I bought their Nourishing Mascara. I am a happy convert. Plus, I picked up some of their peppermint lip balm while I was there, so this was a double win for me.

What if you resolved to try switch one item in your makeup bag? You might be surprised what great stuff you can find in the beauty and cosmetics department at terra20. If you’re in the store and have questions or concerns, ask one of their staff members for a recommendation!

Personal care

If a year-long resolution seems too overwhelming, how about simply trying something new for the month of January? For example, how about pledging to get more sleep and take time to recharge your batteries? You can meditate, go for a walk, or take a bath with some fancy bath salts!

Speaking of rest, I’ve set my iPhone’s screen time setting to begin “downtime” at 10 p.m. This forces me to access my apps with an extra click, which in turn reminds me of my resolution not to surf mindlessly at night and pick up my book. So far, so good.

Other things you can try for the month of January including “greening” your period, or swapping your toothpaste or sunscreen for a healthier alternative. Whatever you choose, make a point of doing it for the entire month (schedule it in your calendar if you have to) and see how you feel on January 31.

Food and eating

Some people shop exclusively in the organic aisle at their grocery store. Although this isn’t realistic for many of us, we do support the idea of voting with your dollars! Every dollar we spend is a vote for the kind of world we want to live in. If you can’t shop 100% organic, pick one product that regularly appears on your shopping list and buy the organic version of that food item. Whether you’re buying chicken broth, chickpeas, chips, or chocolate, you’re helping support an important and growing industry.     


We applaud everyone who made a New Year’s resolution to exchange disposable coffee cups for reusable coffee mugs this year. You rock, and your small action is making a big difference! Maybe this is the year to say no to plastic straws and other single-use plastic products as well? Or switch to a better alternative to road salt for your front walk or biodegradable dog poop bags for your favourite pooch?  

What about your cleaning products? Granted, it can be tough to swap all of your cleaning products for earth-friendlier alternatives, so how about just one? For example, you can start with bathroom cleaner and gradually replace others as you run out. If you haven’t tried out the terra20 ecobar yet, considering making 2019 the year you take the first step to a healthier home. ecobar products are free from harmful ingredients and the containers are refillable, which cuts down on plastic waste. If you’re not sure about committing to a full-sized product, simply pick up a sample size and put it to the test. Easy peasy!

Happy New Year, and good luck with those resolutions! Let’s make this the best year yet.


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