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9 Things Only Really Healthy People Know

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By Dr. Michael Gibson


Success leaves clues. Find out what only really healthy people know and make sure you’re working towards doing the same.


1. Healthy is NOT the same as feeling good.

While feeling good is often a nice side benefit of being healthy, feeling good does not mean you ARE healthy. Health is a state of optimal function, a state in which all of the body’s needs being met consistently over time. Sometimes you’ll feel great, other times, it’s not the case. Stay focused on taking the correct actions instead of only actions directed at feeling better.


2. There is no magic bullet.

There is no nutrient from the rain forest, essential oil, fitness routine, diet, yoga pose, therapy or guru that can fix all your problems (or maximize your health) in an instant. It takes consistent effort. Period.


3. If there were a magic bullet…it would be strength training.

Moving heavy (relative to you) weights not only meets a core requirement of the body for optimal development but it affects the body in a global way with positive outcomes that can’t be matched by any other intervention.


4. If there were two magic bullets…the second would be sleep.

Healthy people know (or have learned the hard way) that quality sleep is the fastest way to stimulate healing and repair, enhance mental focus and…it just feels great!


5. Food quality is more important that food quantity.

With millions of people dieting and chronically searching for the next best solution to dropping some pounds, healthy people know that eating real food helps to tell your body when to stop eating. It’s nutrients that matter most, not calories.


6. Happiness is an effect, not a cause.

Pursuing your values is the path to happiness. If health is a value, working towards achieving it will make you happier. If religion is a value, pursuing a spiritual relationship will make you happier. If your family is a value, finding ways to enhance your home life will make you happier.


7. Money is a moral amplifier.

Money is neither good or bad, it’s just a resource that can be used for good or bad. If you’re a good person with a clear vision, you will use money to amplify that vision and improve your world. Of course, the opposite is also true.


8. Maintaining your physical structure and posture is must.

Posture is a window into your structural health. We can’t always see what is happening on the inside but if you pay close attention, you can find early signs of breakdown happening on the outside.


9. Everything matters.

This principle is something every extremely healthy person understands well. Some actions may have a bigger impact than others, but they all matter.

You’ll never hear a healthy person say “everything in moderation”. They know that’s just an excuse people use to include things they know have a negative effect without having to be accountable for the consequences.

Healthy people consciously choose their actions and accept responsibility for them.


While there are many possible “runner-ups”, start by auditing your current mindset and actions compared to this list. 

How many of these core principles are you living by?


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