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Tired of giving the same mundane gifts year after year? Does dad really need another pair of wool socks? Does mom really want more bath soaps full of icky chemicals? Does your cousin you don’t actually see all that often want that gift card? Step up your gift-giving game this year and blow your family away with gifts they wish they’d thought of themselves!

We here at terra20 pride ourselves in offering unique gifts that tell a story; whether they’re locally made, supporting sustainable community initiatives, or made of innovative, natural ingredients, each gift is unlike anything you’ll find at your local mall. That being said, we recognize that it can be overwhelming trying to find that ideal gift that will make you the talk of the dinner table. Our staff is here to help you get the ideas flowing with their fav gifts to give this holiday season!

Victoria's Pick
(Cosmetics Associate)

We were really happy to get a recommendation from Victoria – someone who knows a thing or two about the power of natural skincare and cosmetics! It’s no surprise that Victoria recommends the Green Tea Water Bomb Face Mask from one of our most popular lines, 100% Pure.

Victoria recommends this facial mask for anyone in your life that doesn’t normally get to treat themselves. Why? According to Victoria, “green tea concentrate acts as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, while hyaluronic acid delivers water to dehydrated skin cells.” This mask is not only intensely hydrating, but suitable for sensitive skin types. So hand that certain someone who can’t seem to unwind this facial mask and tell them to take a break from the grind for a few hours!


Terry's Pick
(Senior Buyer)

It didn’t take Terry long to choose her go to gift for this holiday season - the Barefoot Venus Mustard Bath Soak. What’s impressive is that she was able to pick just one product because she’s in charge of sourcing A LOT products that you see on our shelves.

“It’s perfect for soaking in after a long day on the road”, Terry says, making it a great gift idea for that someone you know that works hard and is constantly running around. Not only is it very soothing and relaxing, but it also improves circulation for tired feet. With its beautiful packaging, you’ll be excited to give this as a gift this year.


Kas's Pick
(Assistant Manager)

Without hesitation, Kas recommends Click & Grow’s Indoor Garden for that person with a green thumb or knack for cooking in your life. In fact, he scooped one for himself just minutes after they arrived in our warehouse!

Click and Grow’s revolutionary Smart Garden enables you to grow fresh herbs, fruits, and flowers with minimal effort from the comfort of your home. This innovative gifting pick is perfect for those apartment dwellers who wish they had space for a garden, as well as those who have a knack for killing anything they try and grow.  As Kas says, “it’s completely dummy-proof”; just insert your favourite plant capsules, add water, plug it in, and watch your garden bloom!


Kim's Pick
(Sales Associate)

A team member since terra20’s doors first opened, Kim is a gem whom our guests love to chat with and learn from! Kim recommends something that will help improve overall well-being this holiday season: Lumiere de Sel’s Himalayan Salt Lamp!

This popular pick is ideal in your home or work place, as it provides cleaner air and a healthier atmosphere by reducing the amount of positive ions in your environment. Kim loves it for its atmospheric qualities as “its warm glow gives off ambient light”, creating a tranquil atmosphere – something we could all use during the hectic holiday season!


Bill's Pick
(President & co-founder)

Bill is always excited to chat with customers in-store (and outside the store) about the latest and greatest product available at terra20. On a recent trip to a healthy living show in Toronto he discovered his new favourite product and knew we had to carry them at terra20. Meet Corkcicle.

Featuring easy grip sides and a slip-proof silicone bottom, Corkcicle will keep your cold beverages cold for up to 25hrs and hot beverages hot for up to 12hrs without freezing or sweating. “They look different from anything else that’s currently on the market”, Bill says right before taking a sip from his Classic Canteen Corkcicle bottle. Everyone should be drinking water throughout the day, so the Corkcicle bottle makes for a unique gift for anyone on your list this year. (Plus it helps cut down on plastic bottle waste.) 


Do you have products from terra20 you love to gift? Share them with us in the comments!


  • Posted On December 07, 2017 by andrea from the fishbowl

    Great picks! I have a gorgeous S’Well bottle that I picked up from terra20 awhile back that I love but I’m intrigued by the Corksicle!

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