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5 Natural Deodorants We Love (& Why You Will Too!)

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Are you thinking of switching over to a safer choice of deodorant for health, environmental or ethical reasons?

terra20 is known for being Canada’s one-stop shop for healthier lifestyle choices, and many people who visit us are looking to avoid common deodorant and antiperspirant chemicals like aluminum, parabens, formaldehyde, triclosan and many more. Especially because the skin under the arms can be super-sensitive and prone to itchiness and rashes.

Others want to skip the potentially toxic nasties and also ensure that the choices they make are aligned with their own ethical beliefs.

But the one thing that everyone wants is a deodorant that works!

Check out our Top 5 best-sellers. (And – bonus! – they’re free of aluminum-based compounds, which are the leading cause of those icky yellow underarm stains on your favourite shirts and dresses!)



This all-natural deodorant cream uses only three simple ingredients (plus essential oils for scent). And, it goes a long way as just a small dab will do ya! Available in lovely scents like Citrus, Lavender and Minty Patchouli, the cream is all natural and water-based, so if it happens to contact clothing fabric, it’s easy to wash out. Every Purelygreat deodorant is non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free.

Earth Wise

This brand of stick-based deodorants has a variety of beautiful scents as well. However, one of the favs around here is Earth Wise’s Baking Soda Plus Deodorant, which is unscented. Baking soda is known to be a highly effective natural deodorizer, and if you aren’t fond of scents, this is the perfect choice. Great for active lifestyles.

Herban Cowboy

Using only certified US organic and all-natural ingredients in its formulations, these vegan-friendly stick deodorants dry fast and provide long-lasting protection. Little wonder that the Herban Cowboy line is found on Hollywood sets, including TV shows like Dancing With the Stars.

Green Beaver

We’re big fans of Green Beaver in nearby Hawksbury!  All of their stick deodorants are vegan. We love that that the Tea Tree Deodorant contains natural citrus enzymes and lichen, which help control odours. It also incorporates soothing chamomile and aloe that helps sensitive, damaged or burning skin, usually caused by shaving.

Lafes Crystals

Some of our guests swear by Lafes Crystals! Made with all-natural mineral salts that eliminate odour-causing bacteria, this deodorant stone goes on quickly and offers 24-hour protection. It’s non-staining and never leaves residue behind. It’s also incredibly long lasting for extra value for your money!

Staff Pick

New to terra20! Endorsed by natural lifestyle guru Alicia Silverstone, and featured on NBC's Today Show and Fox News, Schmidt’s is a line of natural cream-based deodorants that provides all-day odour protection and wetness relief.  The scents are amazing – think Bergamot & Lime, Lavender & Sage, Cedarwood & Juniper and many more.

If you have questions about what deodorants might be the best choice for your skin type or lifestyle, don’t hesitate to speak to our in-store consultants or leave a comment on this blog post. Want something more instant? Just over to the right of this page look for the green tab to start an online chat with one of our experts!


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