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By Andrea Tomkins

Everyone loves a good deal, and for many, that means Black Friday is the big day. But it’s also a good time to take a closer look at our purchases before clicking the buy button or handing our credit card over to the person behind the register.  Wouldn’t it be smart – and better for us and our planet – to assess the items we’re about to buy and look at them with a healthier and more sustainable lens? Here are a few ways you can make your Black Friday a little greener this year.


Tip #1: Shop locally (and don’t forget to bring your shopping bags)!

Shopping locally is better for the economy and local businesses are the backbone of our cities. If we want to live in an interesting and vibrant community, we have to support local shops and goods that are made closer to home.

Can’t make it to the store? Get together with a close friend or neighbour and consolidate your online orders. Your one order won’t use the same degree of resources as it would if it was packed and shipped to separate addresses. Got friends at work? How about having large orders shipped to the office? As an added bonus, curious kids can’t “accidentally”  stumble over them the closet while they await wrapping. Speaking of which:


Tip 2#: Use recycled gift wrap or choose reusable gift bags

… and make sure everything is recycled when you’re done with it!


Tip #3: Support your favourite eco-friendly brands

Some brands are just better for the planet than others. To this effect, terra20 done all the hard work for us, as everything is vetted. They’ve also developed an easy way to help shoppers make better informed purchasing decisions. Each product (whether it’s in-store or online) is associated with one or more symbols that represent a particular ethic. The nine symbols are: Vegan (this means no animals or habitats are harmed in the production of the item and it doesn’t contain animal ingredients), Organic, High Efficiency, Free of Harmful Chemicals, Sustainable, Made in Canada, Waste Reducing, Green Certified, Fair Trade. It’s a very quick way to determine if a purchase fits your values. All you need to do is scan the tags and decide which ones are the most important to you!


Tip #4: Consider the recipient

Thoughtful gifts bought more mindfully are better gifts. Do your research, because these are gifts that keep on giving! And keep in mind that sometimes less is more. There’s a lot to be said for one really great candle instead of a dozen that pollute the air. Or one really great fair-trade chocolate bar instead of waxy, imitation chocolate found on discount retailers’ shelves around the holidays.


This Black Friday, as we enter the biggest shopping season of the year, let’s think beyond the gift itself. Before you make the purchase, take a moment to consider what it’s made of, how it’s packaged, who it’s made by, and, of course, the gift recipient (even if it’s you)!


From Friday to Monday there will be exclusive offers available every day, as well as special Black Friday weekend specials that will be revealed on Friday! All deals will be available in-store and online. Subscribe to the terra20 email list or follow terra20 on Facebook and you’ll be the first to know how about our special (and green!) Black Friday deals this year.


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