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Ottawa, 31 May 2016

In her 2016 Spring Reports tabled today in Parliament, Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Julie Gelfand, presents the results of three audits completed since last winter. The Commissioner’s Perspective is also included in the 2016 Spring Reports.

These reports focused on federal programs that are intended to support the sustainability of Canadian communities, on what the federal government is doing to support long-term efforts to mitigate the effects of severe weather, and on how Health Canada manages risks to human health and safety posed by chemical substances used in cosmetics and household consumer products.

“Whether it’s about consumers deciding which product to buy or municipal planners determining where to build hospitals and schools, the federal government directly and indirectly provides many different stakeholders with funding, programs and tools to support them in the decisions they must make,“ said Ms. Gelfand.

“With significant and ongoing investments in infrastructure across the country, resilience means a focus not just on building or rebuilding, but on building and rebuilding better. When resiliency is built into infrastructure, it is built into communities,” added Ms. Gelfand.

Read the full report  here.


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