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By Rebecca Stanisic

When considering making a shift in the cleaning products you use in your home, one place to start is the laundry room. Laundry feels like a chore that is never ending (probably because it really doesn’t end) and between clothing, towels, and bed linens, the soaps and products we use really matter; we are constantly in contact with these items. When we look at the ingredient lists, or think about the waste some of these products are causing, there is motivation to make the change.

I’ve answered common laundry questions about greener products below. This is how you can make your laundry room more eco-friendly with biodegradable, septic-friendly, non-toxic options. 


Will the detergent work?

Let’s start with your detergent. You can still find eco-friendly options that do a great job of cleaning your clothes and leaving your towels smelling fresh, or you can find products that are unscented. For people with sensitive skin or who don’t want strong smells every time they lie their heads down, an option like Nellie’s laundry soda is a highly concentrated and effective option. Or, if you do want that ‘just freshly washed’ gentle scent, try the Eco Max orange laundry detergent or one of their other scented products. And yes, these work with HE machines!


But what about dryer sheets?

Yes, you want to ditch your usual dryer sheets which aren’t reusable (and end up being thrown in the trash) and can contain ingredients that you don’t want touching your clothes or skin, but no one wants static cling in their laundry. So instead, replace the sheets with wool balls. These will help keep the static out, and also reduce dry time by lifting and separating clothing. If you are truly missing the scent form the dryer sheets, there are scented add-ons for some of the wool balls. Another option is to keep a dryer sheet, but to use reusable ones. These offer the benefits of reducing static without the chemicals or the waste associated with your old dryers sheets.


What about my other laundry products like softener and bleach?

No need to change your usual habits, just the products you rely on. If you like to have a fabric softener you can get a more eco-friendly option at the terra20 ecobar, available in a lavender scent or unscented, with the bonus of being able to refill the container when it’s empty. And yes, there are oxygen bleach options to keep those white clothes looking white. Nature Clean's Oyxgen Liquid Bleach is a chlorine-free formula created from hydrogen peroxide and doesn’t have that harsh scent most bleach has.


How do I get rid of stains?

Keeping a stain stick in the laundry room will help you be prepared for the spaghetti sauce, coffee and random stains the kids may have on their clothes. With the Buncha Farmers all natural, biodegradable stain stick, you simple wet, rub and wash.


Just like every other room in the house, switching your laundry products doesn’t have to affect the efficacy of the products you use. Your clothes and linens will still be freshly laundered, but with the added benefits of eliminating chemicals, reducing drying time and being biodegradable. Unfortunately, we can’t help when the piles that are stacked up waiting to be washed, but you’ll be happy to have a greener laundry room.


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