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OCT 12, 2021

Time to cozy up: fall home essentials you've been waiting for

Pumpkins and spice and everything nice.

Time to cozy up: fall home essentials you've been waiting for

Season's greetings! Now that it’s officially fall and the leaves are changing colour, so should your home decor. Set the scene for the changing season by having your indoors reflect what’s going on outdoors—but in a warmer, cozier environment. Think: warm autumnal tones, chunky knit blankets, and plenty of pumpkins. (In our opinion, you can never have enough pumpkins.)

It’s time to clear your tables, shelves, and mantles to make room for home items that make you want to curl up and get cozy with a hot beverage (like coffee, tea, or apple cider, perhaps?). After all, feeling comforted and calm is what this season is all about, right?

We’re recommending six products that will transform your home into a sustainable fall oasis faster than you can say “hocus-pocus.”

And even though these products are mostly seasonal, that doesn’t mean you need to throw them away at the first sign of winter. In terra20’s signature ethical style, you can use them year after year without feeling guilty about the planet. And even if you run out of certain items before the last leaf hits the ground, we guarantee you’ll want to buy them over and over again.

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The time for iced coffee has come and gone, and there are few things that scream fall more than a warm cup of coffee. While a pumpkin spice latte is probably the beverage mascot of the season, the taste doesn’t even compare to Birch Bark Coffee’s Indigenous Espresso Roast. The Indigenous-owned organic, fair trade coffee is a naturally processed blend of dark and medium roasted Ethiopian beans, meaning the coffee is dried inside the fruit of the coffee tree to retain its fruity and sweet flavour. This particular blend tastes like blueberry. (Yum!) To warm your heart up even more, a portion of this coffee helps support Indigenous families.

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After some time outside in the blistering cold (well, compared to the heat wave we had this summer), all you want to do is get inside and cuddle up with a blanket. Well, we have a luxurious blanket that will warm you up real quick. Get snug as a bug underneath this Klippan Chevron Throw, made of 100% ecologic lambs wool, free of pesticides, chemicals, and antibiotics. Throw it on as you binge Halloween movie classics or have game night with your family. Consider it your own personal cocoon for autumn hibernation.

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Speaking of family games night, we have a suggestion for your next one. We’ve all heard of the Tiger King, but have you heard of the Tiger Queen? Try to put the pieces together (literally, because it’s a puzzle) to find out why this woman is casually laying around and eating fruit with a pet tiger on her couch. (We wouldn’t be so chill about it, would you?) Regardless, this 1,000-piece puzzle by artist Lay Hoon Ho will entertain the entire family.

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Does the fall also leave you feeling dreamy and creatively inspired? Open up this beautiful large Danica Studio notebook, and draw and sketch whatever pops into your mind. And don’t limit yourself! The notebook has 120 blank pages, and when you run out, you can just buy another. The 100% recycled cotton cover is super soft. Plus, the colours of the solstice really fit the fall aesthetic.

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Another great way to warm up (and relax) is by slipping into a warm bath. Run the water and sprinkle in some Coconut Chamomile Dreams Bath Soak from Tease—a Canadian company that uses 100% biodegradable and refillable packaging, made with plant-based fibres. The hydrating bath soak includes ethically sourced organic Egyptian chamomile flowers and creamy coconut milk blended with dead sea salt. To top it off, a portion of every order supports women founders through funding and mentorship.

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And last (and perhaps the most obvious fall essential), you’ll need plenty of the biggest signifier of autumn—pumpkins. These pumpkin candles are handcrafted with 100% pure Canadian beeswax, making them completely toxin-free. They’ll make the perfect decoration for your Thanksgiving table or even spread out around the house for Halloween. The candles look so real, you can trick your guests into believing it. But it will be such a treat when they find out they are, in fact, candles and not adorable edible squash.

The coffee, throw blanket, puzzle, notebook, bath soak, and pumpkin candle will make your fall safe haven a bit more cozy, homey, and inviting. We’re confident you won’t want to pack them away come Christmas time. Who knows? Maybe if you’re fall enthusiasts like us, you’ll want to keep them out all year round.

All of these fall items are available at terra20, a one-stop-shop for all of your sustainable home decor. Carve out some time to visit our stores to fill your basket up with all the fall items your heart/home desires.


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