• New! Even more reasons to visit the ecobar

    New! Even more reasons to visit the ecobar

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    Great news for fans of the ecobar! terra20 is expanding the ecobar line up to include Green Beaver Castile soap, (read this if you’re wondering what Castile soap is all about), Carina Sweet Pea Shampoo & Conditioner, and Ecologik dish soap. They’re among terra20’s most popular products and they’re now available in refillable containers at terra20.

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  • How clean are your cleaning products?

    How clean are your cleaning products?

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    Ever stop to think about why household cleaners smell so unbearably strong? What about those hazardous warning labels?

    Did you know that using these cleaners can result in your indoor air quality being 3 times more toxic than the air outside?

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  • Top 5 Reasons to Raise the (eco)Bar!

    Top 5 Reasons to Raise the (eco)Bar!

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    Have you been to our ecobar yet? If you’re looking to clean your home without any harmful chemicals, the ecobar is the place to go! And, ditching the potential toxins is not the only reason; here are five more that will surely convince you to stop by.


    1. Three Words: ecobar Products Work

    Who doesn’t love a bathroom that shines? Or clean fresh laundry? When it comes trying a cleaning product that is kinder to the planet for the first time, the "does it actually work" question tends to arise. That’s why our objective Number 1 was to ensure that all ecobar products are as effective or more effective when it comes to getting rid of stains and cleaning your home. (Check out our ecobar All Purpose Spray Cleaner – many of our guests swear by it.)

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  • What you can do to reduce your cleaning carbon footprint

    What you can do to reduce your cleaning carbon footprint

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    It’s just a bit of cleaner, right? Every time you use a squirt of all-purpose cleaner or a scoop of laundry detergent, it doesn’t seem like there could be a negative side to getting things clean, but think about just how much is used once you multiply it across billions of people!

    We commissioned BioRegional North America to conduct some research and number crunching so that we could show you—and ourselves—what are the actual effects of using conventional cleaning products, and the benefits of using eco-friendly cleaning products.

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