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By Andrea Tomkins

Great news for fans of the ecobar! terra20 is expanding the ecobar line up to include Green Beaver Castile soap, (read this if you’re wondering what Castile soap is all about), Carina Sweet Pea Shampoo & Conditioner, and Ecologik dish soap. They’re among terra20’s most popular products and they’re now available in refillable containers at terra20.

If you’re new to the ecobar concept, you should know there are many advantages to consider. There’s more to the ecobar than just good quality cleaning products.

The ecobar saves money

Not only is using the ecobar quick and easy, it’s a great value. First, choose a product from the ecobar line of non-toxic cleaners and soaps. Second, use it up! Third, return your empty bottle to a store location for a refill. The bigger the container, the better the savings: 1L container refills save $1.00, 2L refills save $2.00, 4L refills save $4.00. If you are refilling containers that are smaller than 1L you save $0.75 off your purchase.

The ecobar reduces plastic

When you return your empty container to terra20 for refilling, you are reducing the amount of plastic you’re using as well as your environmental footprint. What’s more, several of terra20’s products are mixed onsite, so opting for ecobar products also limits the products’ carbon footprint as well.

ecobar products help reduce the toxic chemical load at home

According to a study conducted by Environmental Defence, using common household cleaners is proven to raise levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in your home, which may be linked to respiratory issues. You can read more about VOCs in this post.

My go-to product from the ecobar is the hard floor surface cleaner. It’s my favourite for a couple of reasons. It’s a great cleaner – it does the job it’s meant to do – but as someone who has a sensitive sniffer, I’m really happy that it has a clean but very low-key scent that doesn’t linger. Other cleaners make my eyes water and my throat close up, this does not, and I use it daily in high-traffic areas such as our mudroom. (There are three people in our household and a dog using this space every day all year long and winter is the worst.) And because it’s diluted in a spray-and-mop unit, a container actually lasts a long time in this house.

The ecobar is definitely worth trying, and now there are even more reasons to do so!

Not sure which product to try first? You could start with one of the top five bestsellers in the ecobar: dishsoap, lavender-scented liquid laundry detergent, unscented liquid laundry detergent, bathroom cleaner, and all-purpose cleaner.

If you have questions about the ecobar, or want to give something the sniff test, ask one of the terra20 sales associates and they’d be happy to help you during your next visit.


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