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maximize the use of those old soap slivers

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If you use bars of soap like I do, you know the struggle of trying to utilize that last little sliver of soap after the bulk of the bar has been all used up. You don’t want to waste the little pieces of soap, but they are just too small to effectively handle. So here is something my mom showed me, she came up with this to reduce waste, and also avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning the bathroom or kitchen counters.


Step 1:

Gather up smaller soap pieces and cut them up into little slivers.


Step 2:

Take a piece of mesh - I use one of those mesh bags that onions/oranges/avocado are often packaged in - and tie the bag on one end.

Step 3:

Place the small chunks of soap inside the mesh bag and then tie the other end off.

Step 4:

Moisten the soap prior to use.


Step 5:

Use your new soapy scrubber to  clean kitchen counters, pots and pans, bathrooms or any other surfaces that need a little extra scrub, and avoid using any harsh chemicals.

Now not only can you save those little pieces of soap, you also have a great scrubber for those extra tough spots! Less waste, no chemicals, and all you need is some left over soap and a mesh bag!


Try some other neat ways to maximize the use of those old soap slivers:

  • Use double or even triple mesh to get more “scrubbing power”
  • Use your soap mesh after gardening to scrub the dirt off your hands
  • Mechanics and handymen can use a soap scrubber in their shop, to clean grime and grease off of their hands
  • Keep soap mesh after use on a soap saver / soap holder to help it dry and make it last longer

Let us know if you have any other eco-friendly ideas that you would like to share with us by commenting below.


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