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By Michelle Lauer, Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Have you heard the great news? Fat is back and here to stay! As nutrition research evolves, we now know that healthy fats are actually essential for optimal health, not something to be blamed for the wide-spread health challenges we see today. Needless to say, the benefits of this macro-nutrient are something we get pretty excited about around here. Healthy fats are critical to manufacturing all those feel-good hormones, fueling our brains, stabilizing blood sugar levels and nourishing our nervous systems, to name a few benefits.

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Fatso, a Canadian brand built on the magnificent benefits of super fats. Made in Victoria, British Columbia, founder Jill set out to upgrade the classic PB with her all-time favorite—as she puts it—“life-giving fats.” Fatso’s hybridized peanut butter was born out of a unique blend of coconut oil, avocado oil, MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride oil), macadamia oil, chia and flax. She even managed to sneak tapioca starch in for some additional pre-biotic fiber, which acts as fuel for all those beneficial bacteria in our gut. All the best things in one place, right? So let us break down why these super fats deserve a place of honour on your shelf (and on your toast).

It all started with the modest peanut. Not only are these gems packed with protein, essential minerals, antioxidants and healthy fats, but peanut crops are kind to the environment. The sustainable peanut crop is easily grown in many climates across the globe and needs low labor and little water to thrive.  


3 Game Changing Super Fats

Avocado oil is the darling of the health food world—right up there with coconut oil—for a good reason. Its high oleic fatty acid content is your best friend when it comes to maintaining good blood pressure and fat burning. Like other health-promoting fats, it plays an essential role in absorbing fat-soluble nutrients like vitamins A, D, E and K.

MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) oil: Did you know our brains are largely made from fatty acids? We need these essential fats in order to think and perform at our best. This is one of the reasons MCT oil is one our favourites. The medium-chain fats that make up this oil are unique in the way they are easily digested and burned as fuel instead of being stored as fat. This means throwing a scoop of Fatso into your morning smoothie could help your brain stay ahead of the game AND positively affect your metabolism.

Macadamia Oil is nutrient-dense oil that is found in this hybridized butter. It is rich in both anti-inflammatory antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It is a great source of palmitoleic acid, which is a fancy word for an antioxidant that helps to hydrate and heal the skin. Hello healthy glow!

From spreading on toast to blending in your morning cup of joe, or even enjoying a spoonful on its own, Fatso is the perfect addition to your breakfast ritual. No matter your dietary lifestyle—from keto to vegan—Fatso has created a deliciously-convenient, hybridized peanut butter loaded with nourishing super fats so you can reap all the benefits of those healthy fats!


Here are just a few of our favourite ways to eat Fatso…

  • A tablespoon in our morning smoothies
  • Spread on some crusty bread and topped with banana and hempseeds
  • On top of Sunday morning pancakes or waffles
  • Drizzled over seasonal fresh fruit
  • A spoonful on a warm bowl of oatmeal or overnight oats
  • A tablespoon blended into a cup of fresh coffee
  • Did we mention it tastes amazing on its own?!


      Find Fatso in-store and online here.


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