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Five tips for improving your litterless lunch literacy

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By: Kelly Downs

Kelly Downs is terra20’s visual merchandiser, and a litterless lunch enthusiast.

Reusable lunch containers are incredibly useful for saving money, time, and reducing waste.  Good quality glass or stainless steel containers will make it unnecessary to constantly replace plastic or disposable containers, benefiting both your wallet and the environment.

Organizing meals to go or to store is simple with containers that keep food fresh and pack easily, and reduce the risks associated with storing food in plastic.  When organizing lunches becomes easier, it’s really a win-win. I find that I’m less inclined to buy food out, avoiding an unnecessary cost while doing a favour to my body and the environment.

Below are some helpful tips for making the best use of these handy containers.


A Recipe for a Litterless Lunch:

1. Make a meal plan

Creating a meal plan can really relieve some stress during your busy work week, but don’t forget about your lunches. Try incorporating the leftovers from previous meals into your lunches to reduce waste while saving time and money.


2. Iced beverage or coffee to go

Instead of purchasing your favourite iced drink that comes in a plastic throwaway container with a plastic straw, consider making your own at home. My method for creating the iced beverage that I crave starts with Life Factory “Go Glass”. It’s reusable, easy to carry on the go, and I feel comfortable pouring hot liquid into this container as well because it is made out of glass. I don’t have to worry about the transference of chemicals from plastic into my delicious drink. Another big bonus is that it is dishwasher safe, which is what really sealed the deal for this purchase!


3. Buy snacks in bulk

Buying snacks like nuts, granola and dried fruit in bulk helps to reduce the waste of suppliers’ packaging and is generally less expensive. To make my life incredibly easy I buy my snacks for the week and divide them into my Kids Konserve stainless steel “Mini Food Containers”, keeping them fresh and ready to grab and go in the morning.

4. Have the right containers for any meal

The type of meal that you crave during your lunch hour will usually determine which container is best suited for you. Personally I need a bit of variety and something hot to make it through the day, so I tend towards the Onyx three level container which keeps my meals hot (or cold) and gives me the opportunity to bring three different food options. My favorite combination is tofu curry, paneer and rice. Onyx is also a high grade of stainless steel, allowing me trust it with hot lunches.


5. Don’t forget your accessories

After all of your hard work to prepare your litterless lunch, don’t forget the essential items that you need to eat your meal. Onyx offers stainless steel cutlery options that include fork, spoon and knife and are extremely compact.


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