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The Ultimate Fall Beauty Food: 3 Reasons to Fall for Pumpkin!

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By Michelle Lauer, Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Fall is here and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the new season than with pumpkin! Not only does pumpkin taste amazing, it’s also loaded with skin-supporting compounds that encourage beautiful skin from the inside out. Here are 3 reasons we can’t get enough of this seasonal superfood!

1. Promotes collagen production
Pumpkin is your best friend when it comes to collagen production. Optimal collagen production means fewer wrinkles and dewy skin. Pumpkin happens to be loaded with vitamin C which is essential for the production of our skin’s favourite protein.

2. Protects against skin damage
Caroteniods are abundant in pumpkin; potent antioxidants that help protect our cells against damage. This means consuming these gems can help protect our skin from the inside out from environmental stress such as UV damage and air pollution that can dull and harm our complexion.

3. Loaded with beauty minerals
Pumpkin is a fantastic source of beauty-supporting minerals like potassium, magnesium and zinc. Potassium encouraged optimal cell regrowth, while magnesium helps keep stress at bay. Zinc is a skin-loving mineral that helps protect cells, maintains collagen production and can help heal acne. 

Want to brighten up your skin? Look for pumpkin seed oil in skincare products for extra nourishment. It combats daily environmental stresses on the skin, and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. Try products from Andalou Naturals Brightening Skincare collection and see the results for yourself!

Needless to say pumpkin does a lot more than just up our latte game!


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