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The Best Way to Store Berries

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People often use our lidded containers to keep things well in the fridge, but sometimes you need to leave the lid off to keep things at their absolute freshest.

Fresh berries are among the most perishable of produce, lasting less than a day if not handled properly immediately after you bring them home. Given how much they can cost in winter months and how good they are for you, the little beauties are worth the careful preservation.

Properly storing and handling delicate berries isn't that hard to do, but you have to work fast. Berries can often travel with fungus and mold spores that, if not removed, will work fast to ruin your expensive little basket of treasures.

Here's how to deal: Immediately after purchase wash your berries thoroughly with a fruit and veggie wash (even if they're organic), and let them dry completely on a tray lined with paper towels. (This is usually when most of the berries in our house happen to disappear).

If they manage to survive the latter stage, your berries can be easily stored in the fridge. Put them in one of your bento's open containers on a layer of paper towel, which will absorb any remaining moisture allowing them to last for days.

The berries pictured above were washed, dried, and stored in refrigerator three days before this photo was taken — seriously — even we were impressed.

You'll be grateful for your effort.

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