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Live Life the Mediterranean Way – Happy, Healthy & Full of Olive Oil

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Ilias and Sons has a long tradition of providing fresh, raw and organic Greek extra virgin olive oil and olive-based products to happy mouths in and around the Ottawa Valley. We’re based in the nation’s capital but we grow our own olives at our family grove in Vasikali, Peleponnese, Greece. 

We proudly make only pure products that are completely free of any additives, preservatives, canola oil or vegetable oil. Our quality management processes have been passed down in our family for generations, ensuring that we always deliver the very best.

As you can probably tell, we’re committed to superior performance and sustainability. That’s why we knew that terra20 would be a great fit for our team. terra20 supports local vendors who make healthy, high-quality products and we’re thrilled to be included among them.

Our olive oil and olive products help promote a healthier way of life – the Mediterranean way. Ilias and Sons’ olive oil is rich in polyphenols, which are a key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. A growing body of research shows that people from the Mediterranean have increased life expectancy and lower risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and stroke. And a lot of that can be attributed to olive oil’s extraordinary health benefits.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Taste the Fountain of Youth

Adding extra virgin olive oil to your diet can help you:

  • Fend off breast cancer, thanks to the phytonutrient oleocanthal
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering total blood cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol   and triglycerides
  • Lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Protect against rheumatoid arthritis
  • Prevent and reduce osteoporosis pain by improving bones’ calcium absorption
  • Reduce and protect against diseases associated with cognitive impairment, including Alzheimer’s

Swapping out foods that are high in trans fats and replacing them with extra virgin olive oil has also been shown to help improve overall mood. And according to a study cited by the Olive Oil Times, you can lose weight faster on a Mediterranean diet (complete with delectable extra virgin olive oil, of course!) than on a low-fat diet.


Recipe for Health Success

Those are some pretty enticing reasons to introduce more extra virgin olive oil to your diet.

Speaking of enticing, we have a special treat for you. To celebrate our involvement with terra20, we’re sharing a simple but delicious recipe for one of our favourite meals. It features a very popular Ilias and Sons product: our Black Garlic-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which brings a host of other health benefits to the table.

Here are a few highlights on the perks of consuming black garlic:

  • According to Dr. Mercola, each black garlic clove contains health-promoting manganese, calcium, vitamins B and C, selenium and phosphorus.
  • cites Black garlic as having twice as many antioxidants as regular garlic, helping to protect the body from free radical cell damage that could cause Alzheimer’s, heart disease, circulatory damage and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • reports that the fermented black bulb’s extremely high concentration of S-allycystein helps fight bad cholesterol, infection and the risk of cancer.

Now that you know what your body stands to gain from this delightful meal, feast your eyes on the recipe – so you can prepare a feast of your own!


Marinated Chicken Drumsticks with Black Garlic-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  • Ilias and Sons Black Garlic-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Montreal steak spice
  • Chicken drumsticks

Best served with cooked carrots and quinoa



The night before preparing the meal:

  1. Empty chicken drumsticks into bowl.
  2. Cover drumsticks with Black Garlic-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil and gently massage them.
  3. Leave drumsticks in fridge to marinate overnight.

    Approximately 30 minutes before mealtime:

    1. Heat large frying pan on stovetop at medium heat.
    2. Place drumsticks in frying pan.
    3. Turn over the drumsticks when the bottom sides are golden brown.
    4. Sprinkle Montreal steak spice on golden brown side of drumsticks.
    5. Repeat steps 3–4 when the other sides of the drumsticks are golden brown.
    6. Once both sides have been sprinkled with steak spice, reduce to medium low heat.
    7. Continue cooking until drumsticks reach internal temperature of 160 degrees.

    Enjoy the meal!


    You can purchase your bottle of Black Garlic-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other Ilias and Sons products at terra20 – in store or online. Here’s to your good health!


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